The offgrid homestead and dirtbag hostel

     It's been a not-so climby month thus far, with focus turned towards clearing the new land and trying to get our new off grid cabin going.  Over the last couple months, we have been clearing trees and prepping fireword towards our ultimate goal of a mortgage free, off-grid life in the White mountains.
The "kitchen" area and camp.
    Our progress as anticipated, is slower then we had expected.  Maybe it has something to do with the late night wobbly pops, on second thought, it surely does.  Having to decide what the proper use for our trees towards the ultimate goal had also stymied us, fo' shizzle.  After deciding to save all we can to be used for lumber, we continue to march on, setting aside our trees to be used in future construction of the cabin/dirtbag hostel.

I've got a stick!  Note the rocket stove cookin' us up "brekkie".
  We took Memorial day weekend to get our veggies in the ground,  tilling soil like an old timey farmer.  Introducing a new rain water collection system that is powered off of our minimal solar power.  All together it is a huge undertaking, but I can't wait to be able to share a affordable, climber friendly hostel in my favorite region in the world with all of the dirtbags that saunter there way into the woods.